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18 Jul






I just got my copies of our June Pathfinder products, and if you like fantasy art of badass ladies in reasonable armor, which I do, this is an excellent month. The art above is from Numeria: Land of Fallen Stars (I’ve linked below to the deviantart source for each image so you can check out these artists’ other work — the first image is by Carlos Villa, and the second two are by Jon Neimeister). Check out Lady Sophronia in Pathfinder #82: Secrets of the Sphinx and Tarrin Dars in The Emerald Spire for some more formidable female fighters. 🙂

Caroliss Mineran, a paladin from Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars. Art by Carlos Villa (http://ift.tt/Wm0TWw).

Technic League Hireling from Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars. Art by Jon Neimeister (http://ift.tt/Ueowhz).

Wayward Crusader from Numeria: Land of Fallen Stars. Art by Jon Neimeister (http://ift.tt/UeoyGc).

How about a not-witch mage female? How about transwoman characters?

We have plenty of non-witch spellcasting women. That comment strikes me as super-weird, tbh, because the witch class was designed long after we started doing adventures with the core classes, and had a ton of spellcasting characters (both male and female) before the witch was a thing (and have had a ton of non-witch spellcasters, both male and female, since). Of the 11 core classes, the iconics (representative examples) for 6 of them are female. And of the 6 spellcasting core classes (counting paladins and bards as spellcasters), 4 of the iconics (cleric, druid, paladin and sorcerer) are female. So, not really sure where the idea that our only female spellcasters are witches comes from.

Anyway, this is just three characters from one book that grabbed me, because of their armor, which spellcasters generally can’t wear.

We also have several transwomen featured in various adventures — most recently, Anevia Tirabade from Wrath of the Righteous. And featuring trans* characters isn’t something we intend to stop doing, so there should be more to come.

We have other trans characters as well. I can confirm that Sonnorae, the Varisian woman who standardized the modern Harrow deck and created the pocket dimension featured in my adventure “The Harrowing” was written as a trans woman and the “circumstance of birth” that prevented her from continuing her family line was her lack of a uterus. The city of Wati has a gender neutral crimelord. Pathfinder even has a minor god of being transgender: Arshea. And there are additional transgender characters in upcoming adventures.

Nothing to add except that I work with awesome people. ❤

THIS. This is so amazing and happy-making for me. I love seeing more representation in Pathfinder, and I *LOVE* these images

via Tumblr http://ift.tt/Wm0TWy


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