tbh I feel like the new female Thor is just a quick moneygrab from Marvel. They know the franchise now has a lot of female fans (including me) ready to spend money on comics and merchandises featuring a character we could identify with (ie: being female). Not very impressed with the whole situation and depending on sales she’ll probably just be killed off or re-replaced with another male Thor after a few runs. #pessimistic sigh

17 Jul

well… yeah…? i mean lets be realistic: marvel IS a business, focusing on profit. we’ll be lying to ourselves if we believe marvels doing this solely out of the goodness of their hearts because feminism and gender equality and down w patriarchy i mean come on.

i think the more important thing to consider here is that they are actively acknowledging the existence of female fans, and are deliberately accommodating the relevant interest of that demographic by presenting a popular, grade A character as someone they can fundamentally identify with. and this just isnt because ~MAGIC~ / ~GENDERBENT SHENANIGANS~ / ~ALTERNATE UNIVERSE~. this is a main story arc about a female person considered worthy to wield the power of thor, carrying the powerful message that gender doesnt matter when it comes to self-worth and competence. i think thats a p damn positive spin, despite the fact that theyre doing it largely for the moneys, which from my POV is super reasonable and deserves no ire.

to further address your concerns, theres this really good article in TIME where they interviewed the editors and writer abt the new re-imagining. tl/dr from the article: (EDITED)

  • this female character is someone the male ex-thor is familiar with (my super wild guess: one of his granddaughters, since they also appeared in god of thunder, also from the same ribic/aaron team)
  • this change makes sense because the power of thor rests not with the character, but with the hammer, that has the ability to deem whether or not an individual is worthy to wield it
  • the male ex-thor will at some point and for some reason no longer be deemed worthy because hes too busy wielding a particular jotunn D
  • seems like for the foreseeable future, this will be a permanent change with the new thor getting her own issues and everything. it doesnt look like a spin-off either—this female person will be carrying the official thor title/franchise (ETA: it is indeed in the article but not sure whether this is also misquoted)
  • mcu will not be affected as it runs on its own canon, at least until hemsworth is done w his 6-movie contract
  • the male thor odinson (his birthname, not his title) will still be around will no longer call himself thor and will call himself princess goldibuns instead 


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