Sterek Autographs Banned at cons

4 Jul







Before i get to what i want to talk about i just want to make it clear that i love the cast and in no way do i blame them for what i believe are the actions of others who are in charge of this show.

This past weekend i attended the Teen Wolf convention in Chicago “Days of The Wolf” by Creation Ent. I had an amazing time getting to meet other fans of the show and interact with the cast. They were also so wonderful with during the panels and interacting with their fans. This was my first con and was so excited to meet all of them but specially Tyler Hoechlin.

I have been part of this fandom since 2011 and yes a Sterek shipper since the start as well. When The Sterek Campaign put the book on sale a few weeks ago i was ecstatic not only to have a copy but to get it autographed by Tyler. When i got to meet him during our photo-ops he couldn’t of have been any nicer and just adorable then what i expected. He is truly an amazing person inside and out and that just makes me love him even more. When it came time for the end of the con on sunday and we got in line to get our autographs i was ecstatic and nervous for him to sign my Sterek book. I had some other art for him to sign before i gave him the copy and as soon as i took it out and put it on the table he looked happy and sad all at once. As soon as i told him that i would love for him to sign my copy he said “I’m so sorry but I’m not allowed to sign anything sterek related” as soon as he said those words i completely shut down. I think he noticed that i was upset because he continued to apologies and seemed really sincere and sorry that he couldn’t do that for me. Which is why i don’t believe it has anything to do with him not wanting to but with someone who is higher up that made that decision for him. I did have something else for him to sign and he did autograph that for me but before i left he apologized once again and thanked me for coming. I’m not sure if anyone else at that con had something similar happened to them that day or not. I’m only speaking from what I experienced. I wasn’t going to say anything because i didn’t want people to think that it had anything to do with Tyler Hoechlin not wanting to do it. I do not blame him or have any negative feelings towards him for it. But with these other cons coming up i just want people to be aware of the situation. 

I feel like this show has done nothing but used us when needed and then put us down once they feel they have gotten what they wanted from us. I have been nothing but loyal to them since the beginning and to have this happen just because they dislike my OTP is wrong. The sterek fandom has done nothing but been supportive to this show and to have it thrown in our face is disgusting. I’m not sure if it was only at this con or if it extends to the other conventions that are happening in the future. I just wanted to let everyone know about what happened to ME and my experience.

I wasn’t sure about rebloging this, but more than 350 people bought this book and I know a lot of them will be bringing it to future cons to get it signed. I just want to give everyone an heads up and to please be considerate with Tyler. ❤

this makes me so sad inside, i bought the sterek book cause i wanted Tyler and Dylan to sign it, but i guess not. now i’m just super disappointed

I wouldn’t give up on asking, just be aware that this could happen and have a backup plan.

That’s really awful. Has anyone else run into this problem? I’d love to know who made that decision (whether it was the con, the actors’ agents, MTV, the showrunners etc.) and why that decision was made. I doubt it would be the show, if you want to shut down a ship this isn’t the way to do it. It could be the actors’ agents or the runners of cons themselves – the latter seems the most likely. Regardless, it’s pretty gross. These cons aren’t cheap, so long as actors aren’t being handed inappropriate matter then they should be allowed to sign a PG-rated Sterek book.

jeff prints out sterek artwork and has his own copy of the sterek book i doubt it was his doing. isn’t each con different with its own set of rules.

I am about 90% sure that this is some crazy-ass policy The Creation Entertainment enforced? I *really* can’t see TW publicity people making such a terrible move.

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