28 Jun



The following fan artists and fan writers are sitting in a room together at this very moment:

Berlynn Wohl! BelldonnaQ! thatworldinverted! skylanth! Hats! earthfirefly! Anihan Nakagami!

We are going to spend this afternoon filling prompts given to us by you…RIGHT NOW! Here’s how it works:

1. Reply to this post or send an Ask to Berlynn Wohl. Prompts will be accepted from 4:15 PM Pacific Time until 6:15 PM Pacific Time. We will continue to fill prompts for 2 more hours after that, but no new prompts will be accepted after 6 PM sharp!

2. Between all the writers and artists present, the following fandoms and pairings are represented:

  • BBC Sherlock: John/Sherlock, John/Lestrade, Mycroft/Lestrade
  • Arthur Conan Doyle: Holmes/Watson
  • Star Trek AOS: Kirk/Spock, Khan/Arthur Dent (H2G2)
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe: Thor/Loki, Bucky/Steve
  • RPF: Benedict Cumberbatch/Tom Hiddleston
  • Hannibal (NBC): Hannibal/Will
  • Pacific Rim: Newt/Hermann
  • Teen Wolf: Stiles/Derek, Scott/Isaac, Scott/Isaac/Allison, Scott/Allison, Boyd/Erica, Allison/Lydia
  • Inception: Arthur/Eames
  • Good Omens: Azriphale/Crowley
  • Saiyuki: 5839
  • Saiyuki Gaiden: Tenpou/Kenren 
  • CLAMP: Yukito(Yue)/Touya, Doumeki/Watanuki

When you send a prompt, you can ask for any of the above fandoms, pairings, or characters. You are welcome to increase the odds of your prompt being filled by giving multiple fandom/pairing options.

3. When your prompt is received, it will be stuck on the wall. If your prompt strikes someone’s fancy, they will write or draw it, live.

4. Please do not request that your prompt be filled by a specific person. Any writer(s) or artist(s) might write or draw any prompt they wish. Your prompt may not be filled, or it may be filled by multiple people. There is no limit to how long/short/detailed a fill should be. Basically: We do what we want!

5. Results will be posted at the respective artist or writer’s leisure, on their blog, under the tag “seattlefandomjam.” Track that tag for the next week an you will see much awesomeness!

GUYS! Send over prompts to berlynn-wohl We’re all in a room looking forward to writing and drawing for you!

This is for ART AND WRITING PROMPTS~!! Please send!!






Let’s do this!!

I’m so jelly! I just moved out of the Seattle area into Bellingham 2 weeks ago, and I feel like I’m greatness-adjacent. ❤

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