Thing That is Guaranteed to Piss Me Off:

8 May

TAG YOUR GODDAMN GIFS. I don’t give a flying fuck how popular you think your goddamn tv show, youtube clip, etc is, NOT EVERYBODY KNOWS IT.

The most INTENSELY FRUSTRATING Tumblr post for me is one in which a clip looks super fuckin’ interesting, and yeah, I want to know more, and THEN YOU DIDN’T FUCKING TAG IT. So yeah, congrats on making sure that I will have to spend 2 hours of intense frustration and googling to find out something that you could have spent 2 SECONDS TAGGING IF YOU GAVE A DAMN.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the next hour after I discover what that clip was from? I will spend HUNTING YOU DOWN AND STABBING YOU.

via Tumblr


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