saucefactory: “Will you return the courtesy?” YOU DON’T LIE…

24 Apr


“Will you return the courtesy?”


Uh. Please tell me there is a fic out there where *Will* is The Ripper (or whatever), and Hannibal is the pragmatic FBI therapist/consultant that Jack calls in when he taps Will for cases. I’m imagining an AU where Will lives out in Wolf Trap with his dogs carefully murdering hunters and fishermen and feeding them to his dogs, and who falls desperately in love with Hannibal for his classiness and high society manners, along with Hannibal’s no-nonsense approach to therapy, and feverishly desires Hannibal to bring that style and poise into Will’s life, like Will knows he’s out-of-control and wants Hannibal’s firm hand to keep him in line. And Hannibal is drawn to someone as smart as he is, who appears so in love with his cooking, loves how much Will fiercely needs him; and maybe Hannibal *likes* whatever bit of hidden darkness is inside Will, is sucked into his head because he’s on verge of figuring it out, and Hannibal is so *lonely*…

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